What I will write next is the logic consequence of a way of thinking, a mental exercise which you can join writing comments if you wish and dare to be ridiculed. Me, I have lost solemnity long time ago.

It begins this way, with a question.

If we know for certain of the statistic impossibility of being the only creatures alive in the universe, where in Yi King the alien is?

I mean, a man of an earth in the sky, of another planet, but here, living like any earthling.

I say that the alien is in hexagram 34, The Power of the Great.

Because Earth is in the place of heaven and heaven is in the place of Earth and mankind. The thing is upside down in this hexagram. I mean the two lower lines and the two middle lines: the Earth and Man positions are occupied for Quian, the Heaven, and the two upper lines the ones that are heaven are broken lines.

It is an alien, a spaceship, a celestial man from a planet afar. It looks our planet like a star in the sky, and now it is here.

In this hexagram heaven is a head and thunder is a foot, a great power that walks. Because heaven is powerful and when it has feet we move forward. But where does this power lie? Where does it manifest?

The upper nuclear trigram that fits thunder is Dui, the mouth, the words, the throat. The lower one is heaven fitting heaven; a double heaven, a great power. The power originates from a head with the two brain hemispheres working together that manifests with shaking words like a thunder. A throat favored by heaven, as if heaven was speaking to Earth. Like a messenger from heaven.

A head treading powerful steps is a great mind and will-power that presents itself with great vigor, because an extraterrestrial here on Earth is something great and powerful indeed, and it is greater if it doesn’t abuse its power.

And I say Heaven’s initiative because it wishes to be there. It is not taking a walk in the park. It is alone among strangers, everything is alien for it.

Why did it come there? Why did it dare to travel so far from its own home? What attracted this being so as to exile itself to the unknown? Like an immense magnet that overwhelmingly attracts it and it just can resist? Or like a gravitational field that sustains the planets in their orbits.

Like Hernan Cortes was Quetzalcoatl —the feathered serpent— for the Aztecs when he was 20. Many men had been that way; some of them developed a deep spirituality. Some yield to temptation and abuse their powers, like Rajneesh, Gurdieff, Cortes or Hitler; some others were gentle like Krishnamurti. Some privileged throats became singers, some other were the mermaids chanting in Neptune’s domains, or like faerie’s chant, the enchantments, or like bards and poets as the ones who channeled visions like Nostradamus and Marx. Can you recognize them? Does it make any sense to you? Am I not crazy?

This hexagram is weird, what it shows doesn’t make any sense at all but it is true, because images of Yi King describe everything that is. And this is.

I do not know how it is, but there is a great power that allowed this creature to come here carrying a power that is not from here, because heaven is on earth and in man. It is a stranger, an alien.

It departs in hexagram 33 and arrives here in 34. These creatures leave everything that is familiar in 33 and present themselves like powerful strangers in a world that is not their own. But they make humans see farther and reach things that do not exist for us. They show us these things by naming them.

It’s clear that many men lost their minds during the process.

Then, this hexagram speaks of a power that we must learn how to use.

When hexagram 34 shows in a forecast think about this text, perhaps you are not Krishnamurti or Marx or Maria Callas, but it shows their isolation, as if you were a stranger in your appointed place and you have a great power to see things the rest can’t see.

Take care of your words because they are powerful and have a great influence in others, it is a sort of power that can save or take lives. As if you had Hamelin’s flute in your throat for just this while.

All lines of 34 are warnings against passing beyond the median line. It is about intelligence and sensibility, about a powerful word, a great will and determination. Things that can be dangerous not only for those who possess them, but also for others.

If you have children with those features, their education will be hard, but it is worth the effort to make them understand their condition.

How do we realize that we have one of those beings at home? Because they say what everyone thinks and no one would speak out. They hit a mark with intuitive certainty. They ask unusual questions for a 4 years old child. You can find them out because of their words.

To learn how to use this power with detachment is the path of the next hexagrams, until 60, where the task is done. It shows a life full of work.

If you find out another hexagram that describes better the alien I would very much like to discuss this fact.
. . .

Translation by Jorge Trujillo, from Viña del Mar, Chile. I really appreciate his collaboration on this project.