While I am writing about hexagram 18 that question arises, for many reasons, it arises. 

Because I knew that I was close. I had it on the tip of my tongue, I am writing about love in hexagram 18. But I wonder, what is the difficulty? Where does that difficulty we all face when looking for true love come from? 
Because there are many discourses about love, many people said once that they loved someone, sometimes using accurate words like these ones by Octavio Paz: 

There are fountains in your artery's garden 

Octavio Paz comes near to the words of yi jing, he succeeded in expressing it the same way with the ever accurate world of poetry. 
But in case it is necessary to translate, if it is necessary to be aware and be certain in our minds. 

I receive so many questions about the matter in this blog, and I see how narrow people’s understanding of the matter is. 
Because of that I cast the following question: “I’ll ask something very important… something I already know but I cannot express properly… something everybody needs as water, something we suffer when there is not… What is love? 

He said every wanderer is love. 
The mountain on fire

Hexagram 56
Yijing says: love is people travelling through, with truth on their shoulders.

There are fountains in our artery’s garden, as Octavio Paz said.
He said when we are born we arrive to a place in this earth in line two of that hexagram:

The wanderer comes to an inn.
He has his property with him.
He wins the steadfastness of a young servant.

Then, in the outer world, we find a place to live our own life in the fourth line:

The wanderer rests in a shelter.
He obtains his property and an ax.
My heart is not glad.

My heart is not glad!!!
That phrase implies that true and everlasting love is not something you will find in a shelter; a shelter cannot quench our thirst. Love between humans is uncertain, temporary, and keeps flowing (just as our lives do). It says that our friend, lover, husband, or our children are not the mother. Our mother served us during childhood because we were helpless, but not anymore. That is why we are apart and looking for companionship.

…When something like this does not make our hearts glad either.

How do we keep our hearts glad? If we know that no shelter can fulfill our needs, no matter how luxurious.
When both lines change we are in 18.
Hexagram 18
Do we see now the value of 18 when it is the answer to our questions? It is the kind of work that brings us to find the true love that everyone needs while travelling through —as The Wanderer— our lives on earth. Because love is a craving and cravings are not satisfied with a couple’s love. There is a world to love and the love in a couple is only a small part of it, and a cage for love itself. When we are in love we enjoy it as if it were a party and that is fine, but then there is the broader world. We confuse these two things.

As you see we will have to do our research and work hard in hexagram 18 to find love, because The Wanderer – every one of us is a wanderer even if we do not admit our condition – finds it working in what has been spoiled.

Here I add an educational scientific article I found in BBC world. If we seek answers about what love is, Yi jing gave us an answer, and science gives us the same answer but in a different jargon, a scientific research on the topic. In this article I found many clues to interpret the answer of yi jing that brings us from 56 to 18.


I disagree with the word “sinister” and its dark meaning, but I understand that it refers to the left side of beings, which is dark and ignored.
Its roots are entangled with the history of our planet.

Life has covered a long and winding road to spur love into our emotions, to conscious love that manifests itself in every aspect of life.

This is a privileged planet yet, we don’t realize how much, and how much responsibility we bear in our backs. Each one of us is an atlas, we are all responsible. The more aware we are, the more responsibility we bear.

To keep thinking about it: https://es.scribd.com/book/163651342/The-Book-of-Life-Daily-Meditations-with-Krishnamurti

There are many possible readings for this forecast. I chose this one because I am trying to explain the meaning of hexagram 18 in any regular life, but if you meditate on 56 changing to 18, you can find other meanings, hidden in images and symbolisms, all of them beautiful.

Something else, this is Octavio Paz’s poem:

"Perhaps to love is to learn/ to walk through this world./ To learn to be silent/ like the oak and the linden of the fable./ To learn to see./ Your glance scatters seeds./ It planted a tree./ I talk/ because you shake its leaves.''
. . .

Translation by Jorge Trujillo, from Viña del Mar, Chile. I really appreciate his collaboration on this project.
Original post in Spanish: